About Bill Burke For Quincy

As a proud Quincy resident, aspiring public office holder and current small business owner, I William Burke have a diverse skill set that has prepared me to serve the 2nd Norfolk District of Quincy as our State Representative. In my small business, I have spent my professional career listening to the customer community and fulfilling their needs. I am ready to take every skill I possess and go to the State House on Beacon Hill and work very hard to ensure our community has the resources it needs to thrive. That’s my main goal.

I am acutely aware of the importance of entrepreneurship and small business development is in their respective roles in creating jobs and opportunities for our Quincy folks. I myself have developed and grown a small business out of my home from nothing. Building new companies is something I would work hard to get resources for our folks in Quincy to help develop their own businesses here in our great city of Quincy. Hopefully these small businesses will expand and create lots of jobs for our unemployed and our youths coming out of school.


I am a lifelong advocate for education, having put three children three children through Quincy public school with two still in Quincy High. Education of our children needs to be done by the very capable staff teachers and administrators in our Quincy school system. These folks are great professionals and do a fabulous job educating our kids. I would not vote for or advocate on behave of things that would take control of the classroom for the teacher. I am also an avid environmentalist. my philosophy is simple and direct, if it’s bad for the people or the planet then it doesn’t get support from me. If a measure leads us down a road of responsible stewardship of the planet then I will travel that road with that measure gladly. lastly another passion of my is integrity and responsibility. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. No lying, stealing or cheating or hurting anyone.

I wish you to give me the opportunity to work for you and us all on Beacon Hill. I will be a fine, active representative who will report back results to you on a regular basis. Thank you Bill Burke.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bill Burke.