FEBRUARY 22, 2018    


I William Burke as your hopeful next state representative am truly very excited to help Quincy Residents become career successful and create new businesses and new jobs for our people. I feel it is my responsibility and part of my job description to somehow bring a few strategic government resources for which our tax dollars pay for anyway into Quincy. Our people especially our up and coming generations will use these resources to get on that road of success in...

JANUARY 10, 2018    

Protesting a Bill introduced by state Representative Tackey Chan of Quincy

Asian-Americans are apposed to and protesting a bill introduced by state Representative Tackey Chan of Quincy that would require state agencies to collect aggregate data on Asian-American groups in the Commonwealth. According to Chan, the goal of the bill is to provide legislators with a better sense of the demographics and needs of the Asian-American community in the state. The Asian community protesters vehemently oppose the bill, voicing concerns about how the data might be used and questioning why the...

JANUARY 10, 2018    

Bill Burke’s Response to Rep. Tackey Chan’s Support of the Fore River Compressor Station

As a response to The Quincy Sun’s article “Climate Action Network Disappointed by Rep. Chan”, I would like to express my unwavering opposition to the Fore River Compressor Station. Having been a proud resident of Quincy for many years, I consider the installation of this compressor station to be the biggest public health issue of our time and I join most all Quincy residents and elected officials in expressing my opposition. The proposed compressor station at Fore River Bridge in...

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