JANUARY 10, 2018    

Bill Burke’s Response to Rep. Tackey Chan’s Support of the Fore River Compressor Station

As a response to The Quincy Sun’s article “Climate Action Network Disappointed by Rep. Chan”, I would like to express my unwavering opposition to the Fore River Compressor Station. Having been a proud resident of Quincy for many years, I consider the installation of this compressor station to be the biggest public health issue of our time and I join most all Quincy residents and elected officials in expressing my opposition.

The proposed compressor station at Fore River Bridge in North Weymouth is dangerous and will adversely effect many Quincy and Weymouth residents, most crucially the 900+ residents who live within a half-mile of the proposed site and 3,100 young vulnerable children who live within one mile radius. It will expose the residents of our neighborhoods to toxic air pollution throughout the area of the Fore River basin. This compressor station will, by design, release certain emissions on a scheduled basis (known as blowdowns) for maintenance to relieve gas pressure. During these blowdowns untreated natural gas containing toxic chemicals is released into Quincy’s air with potentially serious adverse public health risks.

We are told by the corporate interests pushing this project that these known potential carcinogens will dissipate and evaporate in the atmosphere and not cause any residual effects to the population of the residential communities surrounding the Fore River basinIn my opinion, this is simply not true, and it seems that every civic group and elected official is awareexcept our current state Rep Tackey Chan. In stark contrast to Chan’s posture, opposition by has been expressed by Quincy’s Senator John Keenan, Rep. Bruce Ayers, Mayor Tom Koch, City Councilors Margaret Laforest and Brad Croall, and several other members of the state legislature and other officials from neighboring cities and towns have all expressed opposition and serious concern regarding the location and proposed operations of this compressor station at Fore River.

Why has Tackey Chan essentially supported this hazardous project and downplayed the threat posed?  Chan merely expressed his apprehension that without the compressor station Quincy residents would lack sufficient gas heat supply on cold winter days and nights. Mr. Tackey Chan chooses a lame excuse for the rationalization of his support for these big business polluters. Folks can only wonder why he chooses to side with (corporate polluters) and not the safety of the people. Why Tackey? As the owner of Burke OilCompany, and a leading heating fuel business industry expert, in the area, I assure you there is plenty of supply, this is a non-issue.

In addition, Attorney General Healy has already expressed, as far back as 2015that the state already has sufficient gas supply for our current and future needs. Clearly Chan’s lack of effort in opposition and careless disregard for the severity of this issue is very alarming to me and many members of our community who are extremely concerned about this project. As a resident of Quincy, I fear not only for our public safety but also fear having representation on Beacon Hill refusing to recognize the danger of this project. I wish to be the advocate for Quincy onBeacon Hill who will listen to the community’s concerns, look out for our common goodand not leave constituents exposed to threats from big business without scrutiny and pushback.

Civic action groups like Quincy Climate Action Network (QCAN) and Fore River Residents Against the Compressor have been let down by Rep. Chan on this issue and others. He doesn’t seem to be concerned about this crucial public health issue we are now facing. I am committed to fighting for the health of our environment and our people. I promise the constituents of Quincy that if my campaign to be elected to the State Legislature next November 7th, 2018 is successful, I will stand and give my full effort in opposition to the installation of this compressor station at the Fore River Bridge. I ask for your support and your vote.

Bill Burke

Candidate for State Representative

2nd Norfolk District (Quincy)