FEBRUARY 22, 2018    


I William Burke as your hopeful next state representative am truly very excited to help Quincy Residents become career successful and create new businesses and new jobs for our people. I feel it is my responsibility and part of my job description to somehow bring a few strategic government resources for which our tax dollars pay for anyway into Quincy. Our people especially our up and coming generations will use these resources to get on that road of success in life and career.

I myself first started in private business back in the 80’s as a computer programmer for Filene’s Basement and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I always did love writing programs to make things happen on the computer. It was fun for me, turning requests from users into logical machine code to solve tasks. Next in my career development I took the initiative to become a small business startup entrepreneur. I felt the desire as many of us do to venture out on my own and try to make a success of something. Luckily and with a lot of hard work and more tough times than I would care to reminisce about I finally built the largest discount home heating oil company on the south shore. Burke oil co.

I am 53 years old now and I have been around business and business start-ups. I have plenty of experience in business planning and development. I have been deeply engaged in internet marketing and website e-commerce development.

My goal with this plan is to obtain a few employees from and paid by state government. These will be field experts in internet marketing and web development along with a couple great project leaders etc… I wish to make these folks available to the public at some minor cost, and possibly no cost at all. Basically collecting money for services is not the goal here. The goal is to take great people with good ideas and get them working, making money and hiring people.

This business incubation space will is already in existence here in Quincy and being used by new businesses currently. I propose to add the new Business Boosters Team to the Quincy Center for Innovation. This center is currently run by Tim Cahill and the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. The infrastructure is in place, the plan is close to being in place and management is already in place. The ingredients are here for success. Governments job and mine will be to help all this come together. Government working for you, helping the community create jobs.

One major underutilized marketing tool that I feel is a great sales booster for business that this team will focus on is the idea of producing a great presence the internet. Page 1 on Google helps like you can’t believe and is not that hard to achieve for local markets. The assistance with online marketing and online sales can be offered directly to existing small companies looking to break out of being small but haven’t taken the steps to do so yet.

E-commerce and startup incubation can and will create small business owners and jobs here in Quincy. I William Burke as your next State Rep can help make this happen. Lets have Quincy set goals for creating jobs now with our existing businesses and in the future with our next generation of up and coming young people. This is so exciting to me and please let me try and make it happen